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6 week course self-led

Welcome to the introduction of my comprehensive 6 week group course, meticulously designed to initiate the journey of self-discovery and unveil your authentic self. The transformative tools provided in this program extend beyond the initial 6 weeks, guiding you towards a profound understanding of the patterns that lead to self-sabotage, empowering you to course-correct.

At the core of this program is the recognition that the most pivotal relationship you'll ever cultivate is the one with yourself. This course aims to assist you in deciphering the reasons behind repetitive unhealthy behaviours  and patterns that hinder your personal growth.

Have you ever wondered why, despite knowing better, we struggle to consistently implement positive changes? This course delves into understanding and correcting these tendencies, acknowledging that we often become stuck due to outdated data stored in our nervous system from childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood.

While our logical minds attempt to override these ingrained patterns, our bodies respond differently, necessitating a shift in the nervous system language. Over the course of 6 weeks, you'll acquire practical tools to initiate this shift, acknowledging that nervous system work may elicit discomfort but is integral for personal development.

This program provides a toolbox to navigate life's unexpected challenges, enabling you to maintain equilibrium even in the face of adversity. By addressing the discomfort within the nervous system, this work sets the stage for mindset transformation, behavioural change, and the establishment of healthier habits.

As we shift our nervous system to a more regulated state, the protective mechanisms we've adopted over the years, such as procrastination, avoidance, perfectionism, and manipulation, become obsolete. In this process, we cease merely surviving and, instead, begin to flourish, reclaiming our flow state for a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.


  • Start Date 29th April 2024

  • 3 x Live Sessions:

    • Monday 13th May 7-8pm​

    • Sunday 2nd June 2-3pm

    • Thursday 13th June 12-1pm

  • 6 week group program

  • Total of 6 Hours of Video Content

  • 3 x 60 minute live group sessions

  • Ample PDF files available to download

  • Sample Recipe eBook

  • Planning, Prep + Trackers eBook

  • Resources for Meditation, Journalling Options + Breathing Techniques

  • Every week, you will gain access to a module, where you'll find 7-8 sessions featuring a diverse blend of downloadable PDFs and concise 5-20 minute videos. This structured approach ensures a comprehensive learning experience, allowing you to absorb valuable content at a pace that suits your schedule. 

  • The 60-day access period begins from the day our group starts the course, so you'll have access from April 29th to June 29th. This duration should be more than sufficient for completing the course. The additional time allows flexibility in case you miss a week or need to review any of the material.  Limiting the access to 60 days helps me keep the price affordable for everyone.

  • ***Please see FAQs Below

Week 1 - Understanding your Nervous System

  1. Welcome - a bit about Michelle Matangi

  2. Understanding your Nervous System

  3. Nervous System Tools

  4. Dopamine

  5. How to harness Self-Love

  6. Somatic Work

  7. Nervous System Tools

  8. Breathing Techniques

Week 2 - Shifting your Mindset

  1. Nervous System Hygiene

  2. Failure Pre-mortem

  3. Cultivating New Routines


  5. Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset

  6. Setting Boundaries

  7. Values - what matters to you deep down

  8. External vs Internal Validation

Week 3 - Facilitate Behaviour Change

  1. Mastering the Basics

  2. The Filtered Brain

  3. Changing your Environment

  4. Applying Environment Design

  5. Self Sabotage

  6. Restorative Sleep

  7. Journalling Options

Week 4 - Gentle Nutrition: Intuitive Eating + Navigating Hunger

  1. Understanding Calories

  2. Hunger and Fullness

  3. Hunger Hormones

  4. Making Peace with Food

  5. Applying Gentle Nutrition

  6. Recipes + Meal Ideas

  7. Planning, Prep + Trackers

Week 5 - How to discover your true self

  1. Emotionally Destructive Patterns

  2. The Definition of The Ego

  3. Distinguishing between Ego + Soul

  4. The Ego/Mind

  5. Mind Management

  6. Shadow Work

  7. Implement Shadow Work

  8. Parts Work

  9. Overcoming The Inner Critic

Week 6 - Feeling and Healing 

  1. Compulsive Comfort Seeking Behaviour

  2. Naming your Feelings

  3. Reacting vs Responding

  4. Emotional Mastery

  5. Dealing with Setbacks

  6. Body Image Journal

  7. Things you Savour

  8. Final Thoughts

  • 6 Week Group Course

    Fundamentals of Navigating the Middle
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • 6 Week Group Course

      Every week
      +$25 Admin fee
      Fundamentals of Navigating the Middle
      Valid for 6 weeks
      • To be eligible for cancellation, see FAQs



    Will the Live calls be recorded?:

    The live calls are intentionally not recorded to foster a sense of security and openness among participants, encouraging you to share your personal struggles without the inhibitions often associated with being recorded.


    Based on my experience with various group programs, I've observed that participants tend to feel more comfortable and engaged when they know the live calls won't be archived. This assurance enables genuine and candid discussions about individual challenges and fosters a supportive community. Whether there's one participant or a full group, the live calls will proceed as scheduled, if no one shows the call won't take place.


    How long will I have access to the online platform?:

    You will have 60 days access to Thinkific - this platform contains the 6 hours of video content, PDF files, eBooks, Resources and a Community Forum.  


    Can I cancel and get a refund?

    While cancellation is permissible, it's important to note that no refunds will be issued. Coaching respects your free will, recognising that you have control over your level of engagement, implementation, and the utilisation of my support. Ultimately, the outcomes you achieve are predominantly influenced by your actions.


    Throughout your coaching journey, you may encounter challenging moments or 'edges' where persistence becomes crucial. Allowing refunds at these junctures would undermine the accountability integral to the coaching experience, defeating the purpose of the coaching container. Your commitment and active participation are key factors in realising the transformative potential of this coaching relationship.

    However there is an option you can consider which is the $40 per week enrolment plan.To be eligible for cancellation, completion of at least the first week is required. Please note that the initial $65 payment ($40 for Week 1 + $25 admin fee) will not be refunded, but you'll have completed the first week of the course and received any downloadable PDFs associated with Week 1.

    Is this program confidential?

    Confidentiality is a paramount aspect of our coaching relationship. Your privacy is of utmost importance, and any information shared during our group sessions is treated with the strictest confidence. Rest assured that your personal details, discussions, and progress will not be disclosed to third parties without your explicit consent. Maintaining a safe and trust-filled space is fundamental to the coaching process, allowing you to explore, express, and work towards your goals with the assurance that your privacy is respected at all times. If you have specific concerns or questions regarding confidentiality, please feel free to discuss them during our initial sessions, and I'll be happy to provide additional clarity.

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