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It took me a over a decade of dieting to realise that I didn’t want a life filled with white knuckling and obsessing about what I ate and how I looked. I didn’t want to wake up every Monday full of regret wishing that my life could be different if I could just “get my shit together”. 


So I ditched the dieting mentality and focused on nourishing myself.

I decided that what I truly wanted was to find my inner light and that the only way to find that was to be unspeakably kind to myself. 

I believe that we cannot live our full potential when we are limiting ourselves based on other peoples rules, instead we need to become independent thinkers. When we can really listen to our intuition and understand what it is we truly want, only then will we find out who we really are.

It turns out that when I put my health first I very slowly lost the desire to over consume food and I lost 15kg, that was when I realised we can choose to eat healthy without dieting or obsessing about the numbers and it’s a life worth living. 


I’m a self-love mentor and I’m on a mission to help women ditch their obsession with perfection and completely shift out of their self-doubt and discover how powerful they really are.


A few years ago, I felt stuck.
I was in a state of contraction, everything felt hard!

I felt like I spectator in my own life and I sure as hell wasn't living it to my full potential.  I got sick of feeling sick and tired and blaming everything external for why life wasn't going my way, I had to dig deep and sit in stillness, 2018 was one of the hardest yet most fulfilling years of my life.


In terms of my relationship with food I had always considered myself an all-or-nothing person! The idea of moderation sounded like something only “normal” people did and it wasn’t something I ever thought I could conquer.  I was either eating super healthy or eating chips from the packet standing in the kitchen - going unconscious. There was no in between. 


To be honest with you I never considered that I could stop “dieting”, it seemed if I could just find the right program then I could be successful, oh how trapped in that mindset I was, it’s like living in a prison within your own body and I was tired of it. 

I realised that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life obsessed with my weight and feeling guilty for eating something ‘bad’. 

I had to shift my mindset completely and I discovered intuitive eating which led to food neutrality.


When I started concentrating on my wellbeing, my life started to change dramatically.

photo 31-05-20, 08 59 18_edited.png

I don’t fear food anymore and my life isn't controlled by food. I eat well to feel healthy and energisedI’m a mindful eater. My health, not my weight comes first and I exercise because I enjoy it, not for punishment. And I no longer feel the need to console myself with food. 



The best part of all of this is that I feel so comfortable in my skin!


You are not built to shrink down to less, but to “blossom” into more


- Oprah Winfrey

Follow the Journey

inside scoops coming your way!

Follow the Journey

inside scoops coming your way!

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