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This is an introduction to the work that I cover in my more extensive 1:1 program, it's designed to begin the process of self-discovery and uncover who you really are. When you finally learn to value yourself, you begin to show up in your life in a whole new way.  The tools I will give you will help you for 6 weeks and beyond, it will encourage you to further explore the patterns that lead you to self-sabotage and you will start to course correct instead.

What we will cover

week 1: shifting your mindset from scarcity to abundance

We are bombarded with millions of bits of information every second, and if we were paying attention to all of them, we would have major sensory overload! While our subconscious can process about 11 million bits of information per second, we can only consciously process between 40 and 120 bits of information per second! Therefore, your brain must filter out irrelevant information and only allow information into your consciousness that (1) will keep you safe (2) is of interest to you Learn how to understand your existing patterns that are keeping you stuck in sabotaging behaviours and how we can rewire the neural pathways of your brain so that your new behaviours become automatic.

week 2: how to rewire your patterning + sabotage vs discipline

This week is how self-love actually requires discipline, this isn’t something that seems to be floating around social media, those messages would have you believe that all your self love will come from bubble baths and painting your nails! While those things are nice they don’t help to love yourself more, they are just nice things to indulge in. Self Love comes from Self Care . The difference in self care that requires discipline is that every time you show up for yourself, especially when YOU DON’T WANT TO! you are proving to yourself that you are not at the mercy of your subconscious patterns and beliefs.

week 3: facilitate behaviour change + an identity shift

Your environment is the most powerful force in your life. ​​ ​​A lot of your behaviour, which you assume is the product of autonomous choice, is actually triggered or reinforced by what’s around you. ​​ ​​If you’re not aware, you won’t become who you are — you’ll become most like who you’re around. If your beliefs, ideas, or behaviours are never challenged, they not only perpetuate, but are reinforced. It’s your environment that changes first, and you who changes second.

week 4: inner child work - how to discover your true self

​​“Your inner critic is your best friend, with lousy communication skills.” When it comes to interpreting the world around us, we need to realise that our feelings can trump our expertise. This explains why we buy things we don’t need, fall for the wrong kind of romantic partner, or vote for politicians who betray our trust. In particular, it explains why we so often buy into statistical claims that even a moment’s thought would tell us cannot be true. Sometimes, we want to be fooled.

week 5: intuitive eating + navigating hunger vs cravings

Ask yourself are you trying to manipulate your external circumstances by white knuckling change from a place of fear vs shifting your mindset so much that you start to care for yourself from a place of love 💕 Once you have truly healed your relationship with food – you have full permission to eat all foods with attunement, you’ve taken the morality out of eating and food exists on a more neutral playing field, you’ve moved away from physiological and psychological deprivation – then you can approach nutrition from a place of self-care, not self-control.

week 6: redefining success - planning + dealing with setbacks

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin I’m not one for meal plans as they can feel too restrictive, I like to go with what I’m feeling at the time, however there is some benefits to planning out some basics so that when you are feeling unmotivated or tired that there really isn’t a good reason to just eat cereal for dinner! Setbacks are normal, and everyone faces them. Some people may have to face bigger setbacks than others, but it is part of the human experience to see things not go to plan. ​​ ​​Remember its not about the set back, it’s about the come back, when we notice ourselves engaging in old thought patterns.


  • 6 week group program - 30 people max

  • 6 sessions

  • All sessions via Zoom

  • Each session is for 60 minutes

  • Each session is recorded which you will have access to for 6 months

  • Weekly Modules via Dropbox Paper

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Mondays 12pm

  • Start date: Monday June 19th 2023    12-1pm 

Best Value

6 Week Mini-Course



Fundamentals of Navigating the Middle

Valid for 6 weeks

Navigating the Middle Fundamentals

Payment plan

6 week mini-course



Every week

Fundamentals of Navigating the Middle

Valid for 6 weeks

*Your start date must be no later than 19/06/2023

*Orders will be cancelled if start date is after 19/06/2023


$550.00 incl gst full payment required

$600.00 incl gst payment plan - $100/wk for 6 weeeks

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