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12 week group Program

Buddha advocated the "middle way", a path of moderation that navigated between the extremes of sensual indulgence and ascetic self-denial.

Navigating the Middle has been my signature program for many years, featuring continuous improvements over time. I coined the name because I consistently found myself residing in extremes, experiencing a sense of imbalance. One day, during meditation, the phrase "middle way" came to me, giving birth to the name for my program.

The framework I have been teaching for five years has now been condensed into an online course for you. This updated version includes new content that was previously unavailable, especially regarding a deeper understanding of the nervous system and how to provide support. Additionally, there is a segment dedicated to recipes and a meal planning framework focused on gentle nutrition; you won't encounter any diets here.


Whether it's your health, wealth, finances, career or business, personal development, or your relationships, all of these aspects are influenced by your nervous system. If your nervous system is dysregulated, you'll find it extremely challenging, if not impossible, to bring about long-term changes in these areas.

This 12-week group program seamlessly integrates the most effective aspects of my personalised one-on-one coaching with exclusive access to my online course, complemented by weekly live calls. Tailored for a more intimate experience, the program is limited to just 12 women. These live calls are intentionally not recorded to foster a sense of security and openness among participants, encouraging them to share their personal struggles without the inhibitions often associated with being recorded.

Based on my experience with various group programs, I've observed that participants tend to feel more comfortable and engaged when they know the live calls won't be archived. This assurance enables genuine and candid discussions about individual challenges and fosters a supportive community. Whether there's one participant or a full group of 12, the live calls will proceed as scheduled.

Scheduled for Sunday afternoons at 3 pm, the timing is chosen to accommodate everyone's availability and set a positive tone for the upcoming week. Joining these calls not only provides valuable insights and guidance but also establishes a foundation for a week filled with success and personal growth.

Whats provided in the 12 week program:
  • ​Each week you will get access to the one module. Within those modules there are 7-8 sessions.  Each day will have a new lesson, with a combination of pdfs to download and/or 5-20 minute videos.  This will help to keep you accountable and showing up daily.  

  • Total of 6 Hours of Video Content

  • Ample PDF files available to download

  • Sample Recipe eBook

  • Planning, Prep + Trackers eBook

  • Resources for Meditation, Journalling Options + Breathing Techniques

  • 2 hour live calls bi-weekly - Sundays at 3pm NZT

Topics Covered in the Course

  1. Week 1 - Understanding your Nervous System

    Lessons: Understanding your Nervous System, Dopamine - Pleasure Seeking + Habits, How to harness Self-Love, Practice Kindness, Somatic Work, Nervous System Tools, Breathing Techniques

  2. Week 2 - Shifting your Mindset

    Lessons: The Failure Premortem, Cultivating New Routines, Setting a MANDATORY MINIMUM, Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset, Boundary setting, Values - what matters to you deep down, External vs Internal Validation

  3. Week 3 - Facilitate Behaviour Change

    Lessons: Mastering the Basics, Changing your Environment, Healthy habits without the thinking, Applying Environment Design, The Filtered Brain, Journal Prompts, Visualisation Exercise

  4. Week 4 - Gentle Nutrition: Intuitive Eating + Navigating Hunger

    Lessons: Food ideas + Recipes, Self Care + Food Planning, Nourishment, Hunger + Fullness, Making different choices, How to differentiate hunger, Intermittent Sampling

  5. Week 5 - How to discover your true self

    Lessons: The Inner Critic, Understanding Shadow work, Parts Work - Ego/Trance/Part X, Emotionally destructive patterns, Solutions for Problematic situations, Integrate Your Wounded Parts, Breathe + Flow

  6. Week 6 - Feeling and Healing

    Lessons: Compulsive comfort seeking behaviour, Attachment Styles, Naming your Feelings, 50 things you Savour, Recognising red flags, Dealing with Setbacks, Why you think you're right, even when you're wrong

This work can feel uncomfortable; it brings up physical discomfort in our body and emotional discomfort. However, from my experience, it's really what makes all the other work, like mindset, habits, and behavior change, begin to come to fruition. If you don’t get your body to come on board, you will be climbing an uphill battle and repeating patterns for the rest of your life.

Alternatively, you can learn some tools to understand how to deal with that sabotaging self and course-correct. This is done with many of the tools I teach in my course. When you finally learn to activate the part of yourself that can override these doubts, the procrastination, the avoidance, the perfectionism, the high achiever, the manipulator—all these protective mechanisms that you may have learned to use are no longer needed, and you can begin to flourish and reach your goals.

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