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The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the relationship you have with yourself!

Working with Michelle was a wonderful experience.  She is warm, caring and incredibly inspiring.  I love her honesty, and for me, it's so valuable to work with someone who really "gets it" which it comes to the struggles I am facing.  I would recommend working with her to anyone!

Natasha (Australia)

Michelle has so much knowledge around emotional binge eating. Our sessions feel like talking to a trusted friend!

Alana (Brisbane) 

Thank you for being so real, honest and uplifting during the sessions, I felt I could relate to you every time we met.

Cherise (Auckland)

My entire mindset has altered and I'm now aware of why I do the things I do when I know what I know!

Your support and encouragement has led me to do things

I wouldn't have previously had the courage to do.

Nicky (Christchurch)

Michelle gave me the tools to mark a new path for myself, I never would have reached the point I'm at where I feel the most in tune with myself. Thank you so much!

Kelsi (New Plymouth)

For myself I was feeling a little stuck and really unsure on a lot of areas of my life, it's been such a great experience being able to stop and re centre myself and create a happier me.

Loren (New Plymouth)

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Follow the Journey