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The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the relationship you have with yourself!

Michelle is a beautiful soul, who is full of knowledge, empathy and realness. Working with her over the past 12 sessions has helped me to become more curious about myself, my mindset and deepen my understanding of my patterns. Michelle is connective, supportive and generous with her time. She creates a safe environment where vulnerability, openness and honesty are embraced. Michelle is intuitive, capable and tailors the sessions to fit your needs. She has an innate ability to hold space and ask the hard questions (when necessary) in order for growth to happen. Her positive energy helps to build you up, and leave you looking forward to the next session. She is an amazing health and lifestyle coach and has truly found her niche. I am forever grateful for her time, patience and guidance. She is worth every penny and more!



Life coaching with Michelle has been phenomenal.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear - don't know who wrote that but it's certainly been the case for me.  Michelle gave generously of herself, entering into vulnerability and creating a safe space for me to follow suit. The tools and learning from this with be with me always.

Laura (Wellington)

Michelle has so much knowledge around emotional binge eating. Our sessions feel like talking to a trusted friend!

Alana (Brisbane) 


Working with Michelle was a wonderful experience.  She is warm, caring and incredibly inspiring.  I love her honesty, and for me, it's so valuable to work with someone who really "gets it" which it comes to the struggles I am facing.  I would recommend working with her to anyone!

Natasha (Australia)

My life is now filled with amazing positive energy.  My mindset has changed significantly, so many people are asking me why I am happy all the time - there has definitely been a profound shift.

Aimee (New Plymouth)


Thank you for being so real, honest and uplifting during the sessions, I felt I could relate to you every time we met.

Cherise (Auckland)

My entire mindset has altered and I'm now aware of why I do the things I do when I know what I know!

Your support and encouragement has led me to do things

I wouldn't have previously had the courage to do.

Nicky (Christchurch)


Michelle gave me the tools to mark a new path for myself, I never would have reached the point I'm at where I feel the most in tune with myself. Thank you so much!

Kelsi (New Plymouth)

For myself I was feeling a little stuck and really unsure on a lot of areas of my life, it's been such a great experience being able to stop and re centre myself and create a happier me.

Loren (New Plymouth)

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