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6 WEEK Self-led course

This is an introduction to the work that I cover in my more extensive 1:1 program, it's designed to begin the process of self-discovery and uncover who you really are. When you finally learn to value yourself, you begin to show up in your life in a whole new way.  The tools I will give you will help you for 6 weeks and beyond, it will encourage you to further explore the patterns that lead you to self-sabotage and you will start to course correct instead.

I believe the most important relationship you’ll ever have is the relationship you have with yourself, I've designed this introduction course to help you navigate why you keep repeating unhealthy behaviours, and patterns that prevent you from flourishing.


Why is it that even though we know better, we don't do better on a consistent basis, I will help you understand how to course correct.  Often we get stuck at various times throughout our lives, there can be various reasons for this, it can often be due to our nervous system storing data that is generally outdated.  We have gathered information from our childhood, teen years and into our early adulthood and this impacts every facet of your life and how you are operating today.  


The logical human mind will try to override these stagnant energetic layers that we accumulate, unfortunately it’s not quite that simple as our body doesn't understand words, it's like we are speaking a different language and it doesn't quite get the message, it requires a shift in your nervous system.  This is something we do overtime and within 6 weeks you will learn some helpful tools to start shifting your nervous system.


Nervous system work can feel uncomfortable, it brings up physical discomfort in our body and emotional discomfort, however from my experience it's what really makes all the other work like mindset, behaviour change, habits, begin to come to fruition. If we don’t get our body to come on board we will be climbing an uphill battle and repeating patterns for the rest of our lives.


I will supply you with a toolbox to utilise over the 6 weeks.  So when adversity hits and life serves us the unexpected, these tools will help you deal with those challenges.  We all go through the ebbs of life, when we can get back to our flow state without slipping back into old patterning life is just so much more enjoyable.


When we finally shift our nervous system to a more regulated place, the procrastination, the avoidance, the perfectionism, the high achiever, the manipulator, all these protective mechanisms that we have learned to use over the years, are no longer are needed and we begin to flourish.


***Please note: This is a pre-order sale, the course will be locked until August 14th 2023, then the course content will be available, each week the Modules will become unlocked.

The course started on Monday 14th August, you can still enrol in the course.  You will get access for 90 days from 14th August 2023, the course expires Sunday 12th November 2023 regardless of when you sign up.

Best Value

6 Weeks Self Led Course



Fundamentals of Navigating the Middle

Valid for 6 weeks

Navigating the Middle Fundamentals


  • 6 week group program 

  • Each week you will get access to the next module ahead. Within those modules there are 7 sessions, each day will have a new lesson, with a combination of text content and 5-15 minute videos.  This will help to keep you accountable and showing up daily.  I am here to facilitate within the community forum which you will have access to and in our live sessions

  • The first intake kicks off on Monday August 14th 2023

  • There will be 2 x 90 minute live sessions

  • Community Forum to interact with myself and the other members

  • Live Session Dates: Wednesday 23rd August 2023 7-8.30pm + Wednesday 20th September 2023 7-8.30pm (these sessions will be recorded and available the following day)

Week 1 - Understanding your Nervous System

  1. Understanding your Nervous System

  2. Dopamine - Pleasure Seeking + Habits

  3. How to harness Self-Love

  4. Practice Kindness

  5. Somatic Work

  6. Nervous System Tools

  7. Breathing Techniques

Week 2 - Shifting your Mindset

  1. The Failure Premortem

  2. Cultivating New Routines


  4. Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset

  5. Boundary setting

  6. Values - what matters to you deep down

  7. External vs Internal Validation

Week 3 - Facilitate Behaviour Change

  1. Mastering the Basics

  2. Changing your Environment

  3. Healthy habits without the thinking

  4. Applying Environment Design

  5. The Filtered Brain

  6. Journal Prompts

  7. Visualisation Exercise

Week 4 - Gentle Nutrition: Intuitive Eating + Navigating Hunger

  1. Food ideas + Recipes

  2. Self Care + Food Planning

  3. Nourishment

  4. Hunger + Calories

  5. Making different choices

  6. How to differentiate hunger

  7. Intermittent Sampling

Week 5 - How to discover your true self

  1. The Inner Critic

  2. Understanding Shadow work

  3. Parts Work

  4. Emotionally destructive patterns

  5. Solutions for Problematic situations

  6. Integrate Your Wounded Parts

  7. Breathe + Flow

Week 6 - Feeling and Healing 

  1. Compulsive comfort seeking behaviour

  2. Attachment Styles

  3. Naming your Feelings

  4. 50 things you Savour

  5. Recognising red flags

  6. Dealing with Setbacks

  7. Final lesson


$200.00NZD incl gst full payment required

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