I’m Michelle Matangi.

I’m a Health and Lifestyle Coach.


I believe in having a healthy relationship with eating

– that we can love our food, and eat it too.

Because the most important relationship we can have is a relationship with ourselves.


From my personal experience, I know that real results start with understanding that a healthy lifestyle is attainable.


And trust me, the results are worth it.

we are all worthy of a life we truly love


It took me over a decade of dieting to realise that I didn’t want a life filled with white knuckling and obsessing about what I ate and how I looked. I didn’t want to wake up every Monday full of regret wishing that my life could be different if I could just “get my shit together”. 


So I ditched the dieting mentality and focused on nourishing myself. I decided that what I truly wanted was to find my inner light and that the only way to find that was to be unspeakably kind to myself.


Coaching focused on



Michelle gave me the tools to mark a new path for myself, I never would have reached the point I'm at where I feel the most in tune with myself.

 Thank you so much!


Start being kind to yourself.

Michelle has so much knowledge around emotional and binge eating. Our sessions feel like talking to a trusted friend!


follow the journey - because you are worth it.

©2019 by Michelle Matangi